hi, my name is pluto. welcome to my orbit.

BTW, this website is still under construction! god, it is so hard to decide on a layout. but welcome to my cyberspace, my own personal corner of the internet, AKA my ~orbit~. haha get it because my name is pluto. wow im so clever. anyways. here i will talk about things i love and my thoughts about the things i love.

my main interests right now are NBC's hannibal, vampires, and horror movies! so there will be a lot of that here. i will post my amateur reviews of tv shows and movies i watch and books i read, detail my favorites of each, and stuff like that. in the 'vampire hub' i will talk about all of the vampire media i love dearly! it deserved its own section because there is a /lot/. anyways, those are my plans for this site. basically, just an archive for stuff i like. enjoy!